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Make family fitness a fun and healthy habit for everyone

Updated: Mar 21

adults and kids racing each other

Easter is a great time to get the whole family moving and active! Especially with all the fun treats to be had. Here are some fun family fitness ideas for Easter:

  1. Easter Egg Hunt: Hide eggs around your garden or local park and have your family search for them. Make it a race to see who can find the most eggs or who can find them the fastest. This activity gets everyone up and moving and can be a lot of fun.

  2. Easter Egg Relay Race: Divide your family into teams and have them race to carry a chocolate egg on a spoon across a finish line. The first team to finish wins!

  3. Easter Scavenger Hunt: Create a list of items to find or tasks to complete, such as hopping like a bunny or doing 10 jumping jacks. This is a fun way to keep the family moving and engaged.

  4. Easter Bunny Tag: Play a game of tag where one person is the Easter Bunny and tries to tag everyone else. When someone gets tagged, they become the Easter Bunny and the game continues.

  5. Bunny Hop: Have everyone start on one end of a room or garden and hop like a bunny to the other end. You can make it a race or just a fun way to get moving.

  6. Egg Toss: Pair up family members and have them toss a rubber egg back and forth ( adults you can make it more interesting by using a real egg ). Take a step back after each successful toss to make it more challenging.

  7. Bunny Hop Relay: Divide the family into teams and have each team race to complete a relay course while hopping like a bunny. The first team to finish wins!

  8. Easter-themed Yoga: Look up some fun Easter-themed yoga poses and do them as a family. This is a great way to stretch and relax while celebrating the holiday.

Remember to keep safety in mind during any physical activities and to adapt them to the age and abilities of all family members.

Have a happy and healthy Easter.



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