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Liability Waiver


1. Disclosure of information: clients must disclose all participant health information as requested and keep the coach updated and informed of any changes. This includes all medical conditions, physical and mental, injuries, allergies, and any medication that is being taken.


Sickness and/or COVID-19: participants must not attend sessions if they are sick, have been vomiting within the last 24hours or if they have Covid or Covid related symptoms. No personal details will be revealed or discussed.


2. Fees: sessions, clubs and workshops are to be paid for in advance and/or within the timeframe provided on the invoice. Club places and PT session dates are confirmed via receipt of full payment.


3. Cancellations/refunds: Clubs, classes and PT - once the payment is made, refunds will not be provided (extremely exceptional only). PT/group PT - If a client cancels a session with more than 24hrs notice, that session can be rescheduled in the current or following block; one reschedule per 10 x session block and two reschedules per 20 x session block. Cancellations with less than 24hrs notice cannot be rescheduled or refunded. In the unlikely event that Criss Cross Active cancel a session, the session will be rescheduled or where this is not possible, the cost of the session will be deducted from the following block payment. Only one weather related cancellation by Criss Cross Active will be rescheduled per block of sessions.


4. Punctuality: sessions shall start and finish at the agreed times and in the agreed location. Sessions will not be extended due to lateness or interruptions caused by the client/participants. Participants who have not arrived within ten minutes after the scheduled time shall be deemed to have cancelled and will be charged for the entire session.


5. Medical: Criss Cross Active has conducted an initial consultation prior to this agreement in which the participant’s health was assessed through a PAR-Q. The participant acknowledges that Criss Cross Active staff are qualified in their field, they are not medically trained and it is the client’s responsibility to satisfy themselves as to their own and/or their child’s medical condition through their own doctor before embarking on the exercise sessions. The client confirms they and/or their child is capable of engaging in active or passive exercise and such exercise would not be detrimental to either of their health, safety or physical comfort. Criss Cross Active or the Criss Cross Active staff shall not be liable for any death or injury occurring during the provision of their services and will not be responsible for any related medical costs. Criss Cross Active encourages the client to obtain adequate health and accident insurance to cover any personal injury that may be sustained during the exercise.


6. RELEASE: in consideration of participation in an exercise session, the client and participants agree to fully and forever release Criss Cross Active, it’s officers, volunteers and employees from any and all liability, claims, demands, damages, actions, or causes of action, whatsoever arising out of and or related to themselves or their child, related to the activity, regardless of cause. This release covers everything that happens for the duration of the session.


This agreement is not a guarantee or promise to the client or participants ensuring they will progress or obtain results related to their goals; this outcome is due to numerous factors that cannot be predicted.


The coach will deliver their sessions and advice to the best of their ability. They will be registered with CIMSPA and UK Coaching, follow the CIMSPA Code of Conduct and respect all applicable UK laws.


This agreement sets forth the entire understanding of the parties and may not be changed except by the written consent of both parties. It is understood by both parties that this agreement will remain legally binding.  

Last updated October 2023.


Explanation of a typical Criss Cross Active session (PT, group or club): the session will consist of a warm up, physical objective related exercises and/or activities followed by a cool down. The main exercises and activities are designed to gradually improve the efficiency with which the body functions, although no guarantee of improvement can be made. Exercise and skill levels will be progressive and regulated by the coach.


Health, risks and discomforts of the physical activity sessions: during the sessions and for a period after, participants may experience local muscular soreness and slight fatigue; these minor discomforts should disappear within 48 hours. The reaction of the body to physical activity and exercise cannot always be predicted. There exists the risk of certain changes occurring during or following exercise, these include abnormalities of blood pressure, heart rate or in rare instances cardiac complications. Should the participant feel unwell they must let the coach know immediately. Every effort will be made to avoid any adverse reaction. A doctor or a defibrillator will not be present during sessions. For minor cuts, falls and bumps, plasters and ice packs can be applied unless stated otherwise. Unless stated otherwise in writing, consent is given for players to receive emergency medical treatment as needed.


Confidentiality and Data Protection: all information provided and discussed on a one to one basis during sessions is kept in confidence. Participant’s personal details and medical information will not be made available to third parties unless written permission is provided. Criss Cross Active’s privacy policy is adhered to at all times.


Child Protection and Safeguarding: a risk assessment is completed for all new clubs, sessions or events. Sessions are commonly on a 1:1 ratio, one adult coach and one adult or child or a group setting, often in an open environment, sports facility or home with other adults present or passing by. For remote sessions via video calls, a parent/carer must be present when the session is with a child or adult deemed as ‘vulnerable’. Staff are DBS checked and lead staff have undertaken safeguarding and first aid training. Criss Cross Active’s safeguarding policy will be followed and adhered to at all times.


Conduct: The coach will deliver sessions and advice to the best of their ability. They will be registered with CIMSPA and UK Coaching, follow the CIMSPA and CCA Code of Conduct and respect all applicable UK laws.


If a participant fails to conduct themselves in a manner that is polite and respectable they may be asked to take a short break from the session. Attempts will be made to discuss and resolve any issues. Once resumed, if the undesired behaviour continues, a parent/carer will be informed, the participant may be asked to sit out of the remainder of the session and/or subsequent future sessions.


Recommendations and Referrals: based on the coach’s judgment and experience, they may suggest certain exercises and other lifestyle advice they believe may help with development and the achievement of personal goals. If at any time a participant has specific requests, they should inform the coach so it can be accommodated where possible.


The coach will work within their scope of knowledge and competencies as a CIMSPA registered exercise professional, therefore when they believe it is in the participants’ best interest to see another health professional, they will refer accordingly.


To perform this activity in a safe way and to get the most out of the session, the following is recommended:


  • Participants should eat a light meal two to three hours before the session and be well hydrated

  • Wear appropriate active clothing and footwear (ask the coach if unsure)

  • No jewellery including rings and watches (fitness trackers may be worn where participants are not interacting with others)

  • Be prepared with hand sanitiser, a bottle of water, exercise mat (where necessary) and a small towel

  • Use the toilet and wash hands thoroughly before the start of the session

  • If exercising at home and/or online: the area in which the activity is taking place must be a flat surface, clear of any obstacles and spacious enough for the type of activity.

  • Be ready at the appointed time or make contact as soon as possible, before the session, if the participant is feeling unwell


Participants should not attend the session if they are ill, please consider the coach and other participants well-being.  

Last updated October 2023.

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