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adult fitness session in kennington park
personal trainer

Hi there, I'm Kisha

In my previous role as a PE teacher, I was able to help others to realise and develop competence, physical literacy, social cognition and self-awareness, together with technical and tactical skills. It was an amazing honour to which I cherish daily. 


Physical education, fitness and health has always been my passion. Growing up I played basketball, Junior and Women’s National League Division 1. Sports underpinned my childhood and through it, on and off the court, I gained a plethora of skills, knowledge, self belief, healthy habits and lifelong friends.


My ethos in coaching and teaching will always start with discipline, unfold with challenge and spread with fun. I believe we are the most absorbent learners when we are having fun. 


Through Criss Cross Active I get to influence more lives and help people realise, regular physical activity can fit into busy family lifestyles, it can be fun, progressive, bonding and help to complete us.

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