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Playing Cricket at School
Basketball Game

Sports in school

Healthy and active children concentrate better, have improved academic performance and are more likely to behave and therefore learn.


I support schools to improve the quality and quantity of their Physical Education and school sports provision, providing CPD workshops, extra curricular clubs and staff support. I provide one to one mentoring for primary school teachers to develop subject knowledge, confidence and expertise in delivering high quality PE lessons.


I feel strongly that all children should have the opportunity to be physically active on a daily basis and in a safe and comfortable environment. Children need to be free to move around in order to secure their motor skills and improve their fitness. Allowing children to initiate, create and play games suitable to their level and abilities helps nurture their confidence and self esteem.


My aim is by supporting and sustaining a network of teachers, coaches, sports leaders and volunteers, they in turn deliver extra curricular physical activity and sport before, during and after school, which will then spread into the wider community. It means more positive role models leading by example.

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