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Runner Beings Run Club (Battersea Park)



Fun club with plenty of variety in activities and run distances.

Valid for 10 weeks

Learn about pace

Run a range of distances (400m, 800m)

Strength, conditioning, speed and agility drills

10 sessions

Based on 1 session per week

Runner Beings Run Club - 
Millennium Arena Battersea Park

The run club is designed for children who enjoy running or are interested in running. It is a fun club with plenty of variety in activities and run distances. 


All children are encouraged to run a range of distances from sprints to longer runs such as 400m, 800m and beyond. They will learn about pace and practise different speeds of running. The children will have the opportunity to run individually, in teams and compete against each other in a friendly light hearted manner.


Millennium Arena Battersea Park 

East Carriage Drive, Battersea Park, SW11 4NJ

There are two pay and display car parks near the track. One is to the left and one is to the right of the track entrance (allow 10 mins to walk from the car park to the track)

Spring term dates:

Every Tuesday evening, 4 – 5pm and 5 – 6pm

April 23 2024 – July 2 2024 (Half term May 28 2024 - No session)


Termly cost:

£150 (10 sessions) when block booked. Drop-in sessions available.

For further information get in touch using the form on the contact page or to book your session please click button above.

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